July 2002 (pg.3)

Fenway Fun.

John wanted to go to Fenway; luckily there was a day game that week. I got the tickets and we started to plan: how do we get there? Anyone who's been to Fenway Park, dealt with Boston traffic, the lack of parking space and general chaos knows that going to a Red Sox game is no simple feat.

We decided to drive to the Riverside T station and ride the train to Fenway. No problems, it was just lucky we got to the station early — parking ran out soon afterward, we learned. Once in the city, we enjoyed the unique ambiance that surrounds Fenway. It was the day after the Ted Williams memorial, and lots of signs and souvenirs surrounding that were everywhere. We did a little shopping (John, shopping?!), had lunch at the BeerWorks and went inside.

John hadn't been to Fenway in years (neither had I), and was used to the newer, modern ballparks in Houston and Arlington, Texas. So he was amazed by the scale of Fenway. Everything is so small, he said, from the concourse, to the aisles to the seats! We were sitting in the grandstand where the seats are very narrow, and the rows tightly packed. How do slightly larger/taller people fit? Not well, not comfortably. The one good thing: we were under the roof and protected from the blazing sun on this 94-degree day. We did move closer to the action (and sun) later in the game (top).

The game was one of those laughers: 22-6 Sox over the Devil Rays. Nomar had three home runs including a grand slam. Great fun, great atmosphere. There's nothing like the roar of a Fenway crowd.

The Maine Event.

The best was yet to come. We were all headed to southern Maine. Our annual golf tournament (started in 1984 in honor of our late father) was taking place at the Nonesuch River Golf Club in Scarborough. We went up a day early to enjoy the coast first.

Tina, the kids, John and I went on a boat ride out of Perkin's Cove in Ogunquit. (Kurt and Peter were working — someone has to ..) What a pretty area, on a perfect day. Our boat arrives in the picture below. The tour took us along the rocky Maine coast, by beautiful homes, to the Nubble Lighthouse and back. More pictures here.

The boat captain gave the kids bread to feed the gulls; those birds are adept at grabbing every crumb, either from hands or in mid-air.

After the ride, we walked Marginal Way, the path along the coast from Perkin's Cove into town area of Ogunquit. The river comes into the ocean at the end; people were floating along in the current. A unique, beautiful scene.  


The next day was another winner, perfect for the golf tournament. Kurt has a great group of friends, most of whom he's known since high school. They travel to our tournament almost every year.

I played with Peter and my brothers — my favorite group. Peter was the eventual winner, Kevin won the money for closest to the pin (center below, holding the cash). We went back to the Sea Mist in Wells, and found the kids in the pool. Later, John got his cherrystones for dinner and all was right with the world ...

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