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Tools, Tools, and More ToolsTools, Tools, and More Tools...
Exclusive With, there is no need to sweat a prolonged product search and vendor selection. Our downloads will help you identify the right solution for your services-delivery organization. Download our NEW! Standard Request for Information (RFI) template and complementary Standard Request for Proposal (RFP) form. Sign in here and get both!

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Building blocks for a successful hiring

The great skills shortage debate: Is the
  shortage of crucial skills real, or are IT
  employers just too picky?

Successful chargeback system requires
  attention to key service issues

Chao's challenge: the new world of work
  Workforce Week
Six ways IT projects fail – and how you can   avoid them
  Darwin Magazine
Sample "Project Charter"
  Workforce Week
IT salaries seen heading (gulp) down

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• ITAA: Building Better IT Skills and Care
• IDC: PSA: Linking Up Services
• GIGA: When the CEO Says Cut IT
• SPEX: Professional Services Automation
• Aberdeen: PSA Report
• Various: PSA Trends

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PMI 2001, Nashville, November 1-10
Project Leadership Conference, Paris,
  November 12-14
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