I'm out of superlatives when it comes to Tab Benoit. Let's just say ... AMAZING talent, GREAT person. He's got it all, and gives his all, every time out.

I went to see him on two straight nights ... John Chan brought him back to Woonsocket in November — for a record third (April) time (July) this year (2006). I'm still amazed that I have just a 20-minute drive to see someone so fan-freakin'-tastic.

In my quest to capture the excitement and electrifying atmosphere Tab creates, I'd found that taking photos wasn't enough any more. So this time I did some amateur video. (Ever tried to hold a camcorder still when every molecule in you wants to move, move, move to the music?) Some clips are to the right ... Enjoy!

Tab in 2007:
» August photos
» September photos
» Gumbo riff (video)
» Louisiana medley (video)

Tab in 2008:
» May photos
» June photos

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I Got Loaded

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