June — early August 2007

Here's a brief recap of some summer doings with family and friends (and animals, natch).

Arturo & Cathy

Arturo, Cathy and the greyhounds Cairo and Sarah came for a nice visit with Arthur. And they were the best kind of guests ... bringing snacks, dinner and dessert with them (from Stew Leonard's near NYC). Delicious! It's always good to see them ...

Arturo, Cathy & Sarah Sweet Cairo

Billy & Deb

Billy (Peter's long-time buddy from college at RPI) and Deb came for a cookout in mid-July. Deb's a cat person too, and a lot of fun to hang out with. We're glad they got together ...

Deb and Billy

Stink enjoys freedom on the Fourth.

Liz & Tom

We spent an evening in Lancaster with Liz & Tom who have slaved for weeks on home renovations. We saw the fruits of their labor in the living and dining rooms — just beautiful. I say their house belongs in Antique New England Homes magazine ... (is there one?) As usual, Liz prepared a great meal & dessert and there was an extra bonus: Peter got to see how good a golf tournament looked on an HDTV. My selling job has gotten much easier ...

Grilling fun at Liz & Tom's

Pretty Peek, Arthur's best buddy

Rose-breasted grosbeak at Liz's feeder

Osprey flying over our yard

A Nice Summer ...

Maybe a bit too nice ... we haven't had enough rain and lawns are brown, the lake is low. But when I see all the terrible flooding around the country, no complaints here. We're so damn lucky.

Hibiscus about to open ...


Peter's B-Day

Peter got his wish... we (Peter, Billy, Kurt, me) took his birthday off and played golf at Kurt's new stomping grounds, Elmcrest CC in East Longmeadow. A very nice course, on a very hot day. The first time I'd played in a year.

Back at the house, the guys went in the neighbor's pool to cool off; we had some Cento pasta for dinner and I got to hear Joe play the guitar. Wow, he's really improved and has great taste in music for an eleven-year old (Kurt's a good influence there). It'll be interesting to watch him develop ... he's got talent. That's my nephew.

Kurt gets comfortable after golf.

Golden boy Vinny

After a hot round on Peter's birthday

Coming Attractions

Kristin got married in Galveston, Texas! We also visited New Orleans. Story and photos coming soon ...

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