May — June 2007

And We're Off ...

The first visit of the year for Kurt, Tina, Kelsey and Joe (Erin's a working girl now and was on the job!) was on Memorial Day weekend as usual. Arthur came also and brought a bounty of meat that he had won in a raffle — hamburgers, dogs, steaks, chicken, ribs, pork — so we're good for a few more cookouts.

Kelsey in her new stylin' glasses Some of the bounty.

Hangin' on the lake shore.

Joe's Catch

The rod and reel came out of hibernation and Kurt gave Joe the review course in casting. And it wasn't long before Joe had the swing of it again, and then: a catch! His first "unassisted", according to Kurt. Applause rang out from the neighbor's yard and everyone was happy for Joe.

Joe reels in a bass

There he is.

Spin Around the Lake

I finally got out in the kayak ... I'd seen a band of cormorants on the lake recently. As I approached the island, one was on a rock. A young one, still with a lighter color. They are fun to watch ...

Young cormorant drying his wings.

The fishing is good!

Long Lost Uncle ...

As my Uncle Rip calls himself ... he came for a visit, driving over from Pennsylvania. We hadn't seen him in (too) many years, so it was great to have him.

We took a couple trips to Providence to see old friends of his (and late wife, Cathy). First, lunch with Gert, Vito and Marion (Cathy's sister). Vito is the musical director of the Providence Civic Orchestra; they perform free concerts around the area.

Then I got a tour of Providence's scenic east side, where Uncle Rip lived and worked (reporter for the Providence Journal). The nicest spot was Prospect Park, where Roger Williams has a great on-high view of downtown. Many of the historic homes in the area are beautifully kept and have plaques with the original owner's name and date ... and one had a newer, hand-written sign: Buddy is Out. (For those of you not from the area, this referred to former Providence mayor and scoundrel, Buddy Cianci, who just got out of prison.)

Uncle Rip with Gert in Providence

The sidewalk, I guess

Prospect Park & Roger Williams statue

With Roger

On our second trip, we made a brief stop at the downtown home of Dr. Melvin and his wife Leslie. They live in a high-rise building with great views of the city. Then we had lunch near the Brown campus. What a great, livable city Providence is, with nice people of substance.

Back home, I took Uncle Rip to some of the Blackstone Valley hotspots: Lookout Rock, a walk along the canal towpath, the rolling dam and the Chestnut Hill meeting house. He was duly impressed with our attractions. Later Kurt came out and we all walked down the street to Alicante for dinner. A good time was had by all, and Kurt finally found out — after persistently grilling the staff — what brand of pasta (rigatoni so perfectly firm and whole) they use at Alicante! Aren't you curious, too?

Providence from on high.

With Melvin & Leslie

On Lookout Rock

Heading down the street to Alicante .. Uncle Rip, me and Kurt.

About Sara

It's been a stressful time for Sara, our 12-year old cat (and me). She'd been drinking SO much water, and peeing SO often that I took her to the vet for a blood test. It turns out she has diabetes. Poor girl ... this on top of a mass found in her brain over a year ago. She's been on prednisone and pepcid (two pills a day) for that and has been doing pretty well.

Now she needs insulin shots twice a day, 12 hours apart. We're still trying to get the dosage right, so she's been in for several more blood tests. She forgives me for putting her through all the trauma and comes out for rubs and combing every day. She's a trooper and the sweetest, most tolerant girl!

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