August, 2004

Maine-ly Fun, cont.

The main(e) reason we were in Portland was for our golf tournament (the 21st annual!), again at the Nonesuch River course. It was a crisp, beautiful morning. Tina and the kids were headed south to Wells Beach while we played golf. The tournament is more low-key than it used to be ... more like friends getting together. No more trophies or prizes (other than closest-to-the-pin). But we still take it seriously, and get psyched, nervous, frustrated.

Usually I play about as bad as I'm able to in these events, and this year I expected nothing less. I had been out just twice and hit a couple buckets of balls all season.

Uncle John & Kelsey face off ...

Kurt & Tina at the Nonesuch River GC.

John accuses me of making this website into Wild Kingdom ... well, this woodchuck's for you, John.

Hmm, I didn't screw up immediately on the first hole so I remained focused and even, what, optimistic? I hung in there and did OK. It's all relative because I have —legitimately — the highest possible handicap (36).

It was great to be out with my brothers and husband, we saw a woodchuck and a huge hawk, and despite a couple blow-up holes, I played pretty well overall. So a good day all around. And, and ... do you believe in miracles? Yes!... I actually tied for the win! And didn't feel too guilty sharing it with an excellent golfer who shot a 69 (net 67!) You gotta take these things when they come.

On the back nine ...

Kelsey joins us in striped glory

Afterwards, the gang discusses the excruciating minutia of their rounds .. (just kidding, guys)

After the postmortem with all of Kurt's buddies on the clubhouse deck, everyone dispersed for home, or more vacationing. Our gang got ready for dinner. This time we hit one of the many restaurants around the mega-Maine Mall area, Bugaboo Creek. We had to wait awhile, but took advantage of the bench for more group photos.

I thought the place had an Australian theme like the Outback, but no. It seemed to be set in the Canadian Rockies. We thought our waitress, Jasper, had a neat name until she said she was only called that at work. Large mounted animal heads stared down at us ... and one faux moose actually started talking. Such atmosphere. Uncle John told lizard jokes, we retold funny family stories and had great fun.(Wish you could have been there, Krisanne.)

Waiting for a table outside of Bugaboo Creek ...

Wonderful Wells Beach

Kurt's long-time friend Dan and his wife Brenda own a vacation home on Wells Beach. It's an oh-so-neat east coast beachy area. Narrow streets with kids, dogs, bikes and bathing suits. A broad sandy beach, fresh air, cold salt water, and rows of beach homes. The perfect setting for a summer vacation, or a wistful novel.

Reflections on Wells Beach

Kelsey shows Grandma Ruth a hermit crab

Hanging out ... Walker Point in distance

We walked to the water, took off our shoes and waded in. Still awfully cold in early August. Looking to the north, we could see Walker Point, location of the Bush compound. Dan, his brother Dave and Dave's daughter had come with us ... we took it all in, a wonderful place & time. Thanks, Dan for taking our family picture (top) — nice composition!

We stopped at the house briefly .. saying hi to Brenda and meeting Snowy, their lab. Mom had a few minutes to talk with Dan's mother before I got our car group going: cats were waiting at home! Maine was great as usual, I always leave wanting more ...

Kelsey & Joe digging in

Headin' back

Brenda with Snowy at their beach house

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