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We hit the ground running when we got home from Troy. First it was off to get groceries for our golf get-together the next day. And it was poor Peter's neglected birthday. In an effort to celebrate, we went to Alicante for some appetizers and dessert. It was a bit rushed because we were going out afterward to hear some live music. Peter opted out, wanting to relax and go to a yoga class. So he did get something he wanted for his birthday!

John, Lori, Mom & I went to Chan's in Woonsocket ... Ray was there, and once again our table was right up front. We were all impressed with Jimmy Thackery, a blues/rock guitarist extraordinaire. He worked magic with the guitar, it was amazing to watch. His drummer and bass guitarist were also very good. It was a late night of great music!

Jimmy Thackery at Chan's

John Chan brings the music to Woonsocket

Golf is Back, too

The next day dawned overcast, then came a downpour. It wasn't looking good for our golf tournament for the second year in a row. But we all showed up at Highfields, hoping for the best. And the best happened ... the weather improved and we got in our golf, hooray. The usual suspects showed up: Kurt's long-time good buddies; and a few newcomers: Liz & Tom, who are novices (and did well), and Peter's friend, (and eventual winner) Billy.

Afterward, everyone was invited back to our house for a cookout. Lori & Mom had been preparing while we were golfing, so everything was under control. Kurt congratulated Billy on his victory and made a point of telling him that had he won during the tournament's heyday, he would have been bestowed with lavish gifts, a trophy and had his name engraved on a plaque. But alas, we don't do that no mo' ... It was a nice afternoon with a lot of good people. Golf pictures

Peter tees off as Tom watches

Stinky took advantage of the unlocked screen door to escape
several times during our get-together!

Highfields tombstone, Kurt in the distance.

Gathering lakeside after golf.

Winding Down ... Going Up

Our week was coming to an end and John and Lori had to go home soon. But first, one last fling. We of the Mendon end drove to East Longmeadow on Saturday, an exquisite summer day. Such a day called for a view from somewhere ... and I hadn't been to Mount Holyoke yet, so please, let's go!

The mountain is in Skinner State Park in Hadley. Up top are fantastic 360° panoramic views of the Connecticut River Valley and well beyond. You can see peaks in Vermont and New Hampshire and south to Springfield and Hartford, CT. We watched as a paraglider caught windgusts and soared over us. An 1800's hotel, the Summit House, is still there and was open, with historic rooms and exhibits on display. Mount Holyoke pictures

At the Summit House on Mount Holyoke

A Distant Cousin

Peter's cousin, Gary, whom he hadn't seen in over 30 years, was in town for a visit. He's a Californian and made the trip to spend some time with Arthur, especially. They both came for dinner and we enjoyed getting to know Gary, who had many interesting stories of his world travels.

Gary & Arthur


That'll do it for this month ... it was a very good one for us. if you've read this far, I'm amazed and grateful.
Next stop for Peter & me: Vancouver Island, BC.

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